sábado, junio 25, 2011

News things and Group Gift *Suis Petit*

Pearl Jewelry set for lil girls and teens. New from *Suis Petit* Marketplace just 20l the pack with 8 jewelry, 3 collar types, 2 rings, 1 bracelet and earrings! I loved it look very cut. And I'll show below the new group gift hihihi. You can buy these cute jewelry here, here and here.

Joyeria nueve in mi tienda en *Suis Petit* Marketplace por solo 20l el conjunto. Puedes comprar aqui, aqui aqui.

Magic Sticks animatedes with sonds too. New in *Suis Petit* Marketplace, is so cute and just 8l here and here.

Las varitas magicas con animacion y sonidos nuevas en *Suis Petit* Marketplace puedes compralas solo por 8l aqui y aqui.

Colered Jewelry for *Suis Petit* group members check the notices and enjoy. Just 1l now to join the *Suis Petit* Update Group enjoy couse have others two group gifts yet in the group notices! secondlife:///app/group/41655f7e-6b49-c1f8-a2b0-ad04428f0f1e/about You can join the group looking in my profile too. 

Nuevo regalito del grupo *Suis Petit*. Solo 1 ahora apra añadir y tiene otros dos regalos, son 3 regalos ahora en el grupo en las noticias. Puedes buscar el grupo en mi perfil tambien. secondlife:///app/group/41655f7e-6b49-c1f8-a2b0-ad04428f0f1e/about

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