domingo, junio 26, 2011


I was with Dandara in Banilacoco Skin's store waiting the luck letter, so she saw the boards about two hunt happening there. The Got Pink hunt and de LTEC hunt, the first hunt you have to find a pink bottle the LTEC hunt have to find a green cake. We will help you to find just read the post.

 Hair: EMotions gift is free.
Skin: Banilacoco Luck Letter.
Dress: Honey Soul group gift in the group notices secondlife:///app/group/6c714f61-9975-91cc-eedd-d171c5640026/about
 Flats: Radish gift is free. 

Cabello: EMotions es free.
Piel: Banilacoco Luck Letter.
Vestido: Honey Soul en las noticias del grupo secondlife:///app/group/6c714f61-9975-91cc-eedd-d171c5640026/about
 Zapatos: Radish es free.

Doll head: Banilacoco group gift.

Cabeza de muñeca: Banilacoco regalo del grupo.

Skins: Banilacoco Luck Letters.
Oh! She had more luck than me, Dandara win the skin with bandaid and I loved that skin :(

Todas las skins arriba son de las luck letters de Banilacoco.

Skins: Banilacoco the first skin is from Got Pink Hunt the pink bottle are inside of the flower pot around the luck letters.

La primera piel arriba es de la caceria que tienes que buscar una botella rosa que esta cerca de las luck letter en el interior del florero.

The second skin with cupcake (is so cute) is from the LTEC hunt the green cake are around the tp point behind the "new" black and with white board in one skin vendor. 

La segunda piel es de otra caceria que tienes que buscar un pastel verde que esta en la placa "new" en color negra y blanca cerca del punto del tp donde tiene el vendor de skin. 

Skin: Banilacoco is a group gift too. Slap the board and receive the correct group couse isnt the Banilacoco Update Group is other but is free too to join.

Esta skin es un regalos de uno grupo que tiene en la tienda, solo haga clik en la placa para añadir el grupo.

Look! Dandara made a banner to me <3! Shes cute. She told me she made a new banner to her too. Now I have a banner and will not user the her banner anymore :P.

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