sábado, agosto 06, 2011

Boys Don't Cry

Hair: Gauged from the Make Him Over Hunt, come with others colors or only the hat. The hat have a hud to change the band color and hat body color.
 Cabello: Gauged de la caceria Make Him Over Hunt.
Ears: [Acide!] prize from the Make Him Over Hunt (MHOH) is very amazing!
 Orejas: [Acide!] de la caceria Make Him Over Hunt.
Skin luck from Mother Goose's land already posted.

Jacket: Coco Designers group gift. I changed the coat body size to look better in my boy shape, have others colors.
 Jaqueta: Coco Designers regalo del grupo.
Pants: Bubblez Design group gift. I edited the prims size.
 Pantalones: Bubblez Design regalo del grupo.
Gloves: Luck Inc. dollarbie just 1l.
 Guantes: Luck Inc. dollarbie solo 1l.
Shoes: Gabriel group gift. Change the size cliking in the shoe.
Zapatos: Gabriel group gift.

Listening: The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

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